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Grant County Mutual Aid

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Next Mutual Aid Meeting at Gas City Fire on April 12th

June 14th at Gas City Rescue Squad

August 9th at Grant County EMS (Walnut Creek Complex)

Hosted by: Grant County EMA, EMS, and Sheriff’s Department

October 11th at Green Township Fire Department

December 13th at Jonesboro Fire department

All meetings begin at 19:30 hours

Meeting Order

Meeting Minutes:

Meeting Called to Order by President Bobby Jackson

  1. Roll Call @1730 on February 8th.
  2. Read Minutes from Last meeting.
  3. Treasurer's Report .

Old Business:

  1. Hydruant usage agreement was read & accepted.
  2. Rescue Maps Still Not Done.
  3. Smoke Detector Grant for the Red Cross going slowly.
    1. They have 500.
    2. March 3rd Kickoff for Red Cross Month @ 1pm at the North Park Mall.
  4. Ivy Tech Bobby serving as Temp Advisor.
    1. Interviewing Candidates.
  5. 800MHZ Training Darryl Brane will train Departments.
    1. Dates to be Coming.
  6. Round Robins Grant Brain H still working on finishing for Fit Testing Equipment.

New Business

  1. Brian H (Upland Fire) Thank you to all that helped out during their tragedy
    1. We need to work on Pulling ALL County Units Together to work as one.
    2. Training Initatives- Observation- Slow down.
    3. RIT Operations as a County, Once all departments are trained in rit dispatch 3rd department to house fires for RIT only.  Bobby Agrees.
    4. Accountabilty that works for everybody in the county, Everyone needs to be doing the same.
    5. When accident does occur ALL Equipment needs to be secured & kept seperate from everything else.
  2. Bobby-CISD-Critical Incedent Stress Debriefing- Works Well needs to be implemented right away.
    1. There were more than 9 Departments in on Saturday of Funeral for Mutual Aid .
    2. Fire Chief's Association-Program Response PLan for Statewide Mutual Aid.  Jamie from the Association will be here next meeting.
    3. District 6 Training Council Tuesday the 13th @ the Training Center.
  3. IVFA Vice President Dave:
    1. Fema Grant Classes Starting this month.  Have to go to one the win a grant.
    2. 5 bills IVFA watching:
      1. Transfer of Property to Fire Departments.
      2. Income Tax Reduction flat rate $2000.
      3. Income Tax Reduction for expenses.
      4. Sanity of food permit- Fire Departments Exempt.
      5. ? I didnt catch this one.
    3. Opposing Bills:
      1. doing away with public response fees.
      2. Firefighting bldg fund-able to tap into the bldg fund.
      3. Be able to tap into the cummlitive fund.
      4. Consolidation of Local Governments.
  4. Training Classes:
    1. Fire Fighter I & II 2 classes going on in the county Training Center & Swayzee Fire.
    2. Mandatory Class February 15th Tenative.
  5. Deputy Beaty Selling Stickers for James Albertson Family to Help out with bills.


  1. Your Websites can be linked to the GCMA Site.



Red Cross

  1. Trainings upcoming



  1. Chili Supper-March 3rd Pleasant Township.
  2. Mote Carlo Night-March 24th Moose Lodge Gas City for Gas City Rescue.
  3. March 10th Benefit for Upland Fire Department.
  4. Jonesboro Fire Tenderloin Dinner April 14th.

Meeting Adjourned at 2110hrs



Grant County Mutual Aid--Grant County, Indiana