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Grant County Mutual Aid

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If you Have Any Fire Photos Please Email them to Us so we Can update this Page!


Free Photo Albums from Free Photo Albums from

Click on the Link Above to Check out some Pictures Taken at GasCity, Mill Township, & Jonesboro Fire, trainings at IWU


IWU Training

Here is a shot of the training burns going on at Indiana Wesleyan University, photo compliments of  


Upland Fire's New Grass Rig

Its a 2000 Ford 4x4 with a 200 gal booster tank and 300 gpm pump 200 ft booster hose and 300 ft of 13/4 hose
This truck is a joint venture of the Upland Fire Department Inc., The Town of Upland, the Jefferson Township Trustee, and Round Robin


IWU Training Fires

Another house goes up in flames on 38th street.  Clearing of the land for College Wesleyan Church.  This picture is of Washington Township & Marion Fire Burning their house down.


IWU Training Fires

Marion Fire watching the house burn with Washinton Twp. in the background

Grant County Mutual Aid--Grant County, Indiana