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Mutual Aid Bylaws

Here is the most recent copy of the Mutual Aid Bylaws




Mission Statement


The Grant County Mutual Aid Association is composed of a number of Emergency Response Agencies dedicated to providing immediate response in the event of natural and or man made emergencies in Grant County Indiana.


All members of this association have agreed to provide aid to a requesting agency, per the conditions of this agreement in the event that said agency or department is unable to sufficiently control a situation with their own resources. The chiefs of the fire departments that sign this agreement also serve as the board of directors for G.C.M.A.


Voting Members and Board of Directors


  Center Township Fire Department                   Converse Fire Department


Fairmount Township Fire Department   Fairmount Town Fire Department        


Gas City Fire Department                                 Gas City Rescue Squad                       


Green Township Fire Department                     Marion Fire Department


Matthews Fire Department                               Mill Township Fire Department


Pleasant Township Fire Department                  Swayzee Fire Department


Upland Fire Department                                   Van Buren Fire Department


Washington Township Fire Department         Jonesboro Vol. Fire Dept.



Associate Members


American Red Cross


Grant County Emergency Management Agency


Grant County Emergency Medical Services


Grant County Sheriffs Department


Article 1:                     Grant County Fire Instructors Association


Section 1:

Grant County Fire Instructors Association exists for the purpose of promoting quality training for all emergency first responders in Grant County . GCFIA will strive to provide training in the basics of firefighting free of charge to any person affiliated with a fire department in Grant County . Basic firefighter training consists of but is not limited to the following courses.


            Mandatory Training

            Basic Firefighter

            Firefighter I

            Firefighter II

            Hazardous Materials Awareness

            Hazardous Materials Operations

A fee for books and materials may be applied depending on the course and what the state supplies.


Section 2:

The board of directors for GCMA will also serve in the same capacity for GCFIA; however chief officers or their designee must be certified to the level of Instructor II or higher to have voting rights on matters pertaining to training.


Section 3:

All GCFIA members must have a current state Instructor certification.


Section 4:

Members of GCFIA certified at the Instructor I level will operate under the direction of members who are certified at the Instructor II or higher level.


Section 5:

Members of GCFIA certified at the Instructor II or higher level agree to serve as proctors and lead evaluators of any course being taught by another member Instructor. Members at the Instructor II level and higher will also be responsible for setting the standards and goals for all training offered by GCFIA.


Section 6:

It is the hope of GCFIA that by sharing information and resources we can reduce the cost and burden of training for each department there by providing a better training opportunity than any one department could offer alone.


Section 7:

GCFIA will also strive to establish and operate a training academy within Grant County and in accordance with the Indiana Firefighter Training System (IFTS) and other training facilities in IDHS district 6.



Article 2:                                             Incident Management


Section 1:

All departments understand and agree that an IMS (Incident Management System) will be utilized during the response to all incidents in Grant County . It is further understood that the department with jurisdiction will assume command upon arrival and will bare the   responsibility for the mitigation of all hazards of the incident.


Section 2:

The National Incident Management System (NIMS) will be the model used for the management of all multi department and or multi agency incidents in Grant County .



Article 3:                                             Dispatch Procedure


Section 1:

It shall be the responsibility of the Dispatch Center to notify the proper agency to respond to the site of an emergency situation.

 It shall be the responsibility of the Dispatch Center to notify the proper agency with the;

    a. Address or area of incident.

    b. Type of incident.

    c. Hazards if known.


For all confirmed emergency events, the following units shall be dispatched;


  1. Fire – Fire Department, EMS , Law Enforcement.
  2. Auto Accident (P.I. and Type Unknown) – Law Enforcement, EMS , Fire/Rescue
  3. Ambulance Assist – EMS , Fire Department.


Section 2:

It is understood by all parties that a delayed dispatch can adversely hinder the outcome of an incident. In the event a department does not respond by the 3rd tone, the dispatcher shall then notify the next closest department to the incident.


Section 3:

It shall be the responsibility of the Chief of a Department to provide to the Dispatch center in writing, the protocols to be used when dispatching a duel response to an emergency scene. If no written protocols exist the dispatcher will consult the fire and or rescue map and send the next closest available units.


Article 3:                                  Mutual Aid for Rescue and Extrication


Section 1:

When receiving a request for extrication the dispatcher shall record the call information received using standard procedures.  The dispatcher will then consult the Rescue District Map to determine the proper units to dispatch.


Section 2:

As of January 2006 the following departments in Grant County provide rescue and extrication services.


                        Center Township Fire Department

                        Fairmount Township Fire Department

                        Gas City Rescue

                        Marion Fire Department

                        Matthews Fire department

                        Mill Township Fire Department

                        Pleasant Township Fire Department

                        Swayzee Fire Department

                        Upland Fire Department

                        Van Buren Fire Department

                        Washington Township Fire Department


Section 3:

The areas on the rescue map color coded with stripes are dual response areas. For incidents accruing in these areas the units listed will be dispatched per the SOP of the department with jurisdiction.


Section 4:

The dispatcher shall then dispatch the Fire Department, whose territory the incident has occurred in.  If the fire territory is the jurisdiction of the Rescue unit that was sent, then that Fire Department will be responsible for sending a pump for fire protection, along with its Rescue unit. 


Section 5:

The first unit on the scene will establish command and give a size up to any other responding units on the primary Frequency of the department with jurisdiction.  The first unit on the scene may assign staging or Signal 9 any units that are not needed, however, the Fire Department with jurisdiction shall continue on to the scene, if they are not the Rescue unit.



Article 4:                                 Hazardous Materials Incidents


Section 1:

In the event of a hazardous material incident requiring the Haz-Mat team or assistance from other agencies, the following procedures and information will assist all responding units in a safe mitigation of the incident.


(Procedures are not necessarily in order)

            a. IMS must be in place.

            b. Identify material by name, UNNA number, or placard if possible without risk.

            c. Advise type of hazardous conditions (fire, explosion, inhalation, ect.)

            d. Advise approach routs and location of the command post (CP).

            e. Clearly state what resources are being requested.


Section 2:

Even though Marion Fire Department will respond as the haz-mat team in Grant County the fire department with jurisdiction will retain overall command of and responsibility for the entire incident.



Section 3:                                Replacement of Materials


It shall be the responsibility of the department with jurisdiction where a hazardous material incident has occurred to obtain reimbursement form the spiller for all materials and equipment used and or damaged during the incident.


To assist in this endeavor each responding agency will furnish the department with jurisdiction an itemized list of materials used and equipment contaminated in the course of mitigating a hazardous material incident.


 Article 5:                                 Calling for Mutual Aid


Section 1:

1.      Closest department capable of providing the type of assistance needed shall be called first or as per requesting department SOP’s.


2.      Caller shall identify himself/herself by name, unit number, or department.


3.      Incident Commander shall ask for apparatus, equipment, or manpower that he/she need’s.


4.      Chief or senior officer of department with jurisdiction shall assume command of the entire incident.


a.       All aid (apparatus and personnel) shall report to Incident Commander for assignment.

b.      Incident Commander shall identify his/her location to all incoming units.

c.       Incident Commander shall be the only person to release departments called upon for assistance.  The department in charge shall not return to their station until all mutual aid departments have been released.


5.      If asking a department to standby at your station, the requesting   department shall provide access to their station.


Section 2:                    Department Being Called for Mutual Aid


1.      The officer in charge of any department receiving a call for Mutual Aid under this pact shall make his/her own decision as to the amount of assistance they will send to the department which has requested said aid.  They will also decide how much equipment and manpower to retain for their own department’s territory.


2.      If manpower or other conditions render the called department unable to provide the proper protection for their territory, they shall the have the next nearest department put on stand by.



Section 3:                                            Responsibility


Each department shall assume all responsibility for personal injury, apparatus, and equipment damaged involving their own equipment or personnel.


The requesting department should furnish all supplies if needed:


a.       Oil and Fuel

b.      Foam

c.       Coffee and food, etc. (ex. American Red Cross)



When a Fire Department uses another hydrant that is not in its own jurisdiction, that Fire Department shall contact the Water Utility / Fire Department / Police Department, in that Town, City, etc. as to the Hydrant Usage for Grant County Mutual Aid

  1. usage of the intended hydrant or hydrants and the appropriate address of the hydrant(s).
  2. If the hydrant will be used for filling several Fire Apparatus then, hydrant valve(s) shall be used on the 2.5” nozzles, or a distributor type adapter with valves shall be used on the steamer nozzle. These shall be used to throttle the flow of water NOT the hydrant.
  3. The hydrant shall be operated in a slow manner, that is, it shall be opened no more than one (1) round every 1-2 seconds. The hydrant should only open 16-17 full rounds.
  4. The hydrant shall be in the fully opened position when in operation, the 2.5” hydrant valve(s) shall be used to throttle the water flow to the intended apparatus. If the hydrant is operated in a partially opened conditioned, the hydrant and the surrounding area could be undermined causing damage to the surrounding ground, roads, buildings and fire apparatus.
  5. Care should be taken to not let vehicles drive over hoses while filling the apparatus. This can cause a water hammer and would possibly render the hydrant and or water main useless with a break.
  6. When discontinuing use of the hydrant, the hydrant shall be turned off in a slow manner, that is, it shall be closed no more than one (1) round every 1-2 seconds. The hydrant should only close 16-17 full rounds.
  7. The hydrant when turning off should not be “yanked” on to completely close the hydrant; it should close easily, with a slight resistance. The hydrant valves then can be removed and one hydrant cap can be installed on the hydrant, it should now drain. Place an un-gloved hand over the open nozzle for 5-10 seconds and a vacuum should be felt. Continue to feel for this vacuum until none can be felt, this may take 10-15 minutes, and then install the cap on the other nozzle. If for any reason the hydrant will not close completely or the hydrant doesn’t drain, then the Water Utility shall be contacted for assistance. If for any reason the Water Utility cannot send a representative to that location then a length of hose, a hose clamp and a double female adapter could be used as a temporary measure to keep water from leaking, causing a hazardous condition or by leaving the 2.5” hydrant valves on, closing them would leave the hydrant usable only in non-freezing weather.
  8. Winter conditions will take possibly longer for the hydrant to drain. Extra precautions will be taken to assure that the hydrant will drain. The Fire Department will be held responsible for damages, if proper precautions aren’t taken.


d.      Article 6:                All Departments Shall Furnish to the Association


Section 1:

1.      A current list of their officers.

2.      Officer Addresses.

3.      Officers home, work, cell phone, and pager numbers.


The association shall provide all member departments with this information as well as the District 6 association.


Article 7:                                             Territory


Section 1:

1.      If any department is called on a borderline fire, they are to notify the jurisdictional department upon arrival.

2.      This excludes Law Enforcement, EMS assist, and Ambulance calls.



Article 8:                                             Annexation



All proposed annexations by a city or town in Grant County that requires a change in jurisdictional boundaries for Fire or Rescue coverage shall notify in writing the Current Jurisdictional Fire Chief of the proposed annexation area.


All annexation plans shall include maps, proposed fire protection, and mutual aid requests.


It shall be the responsibility of the annexing city or town to determine all changes in fire and rescue protection for the proposed areas.


The Fire Chief of all departments involved in the planned annexation shall be present during the determination process.


It shall also be the responsibility of the annexing entity to notify all dispatching units in writing as well as make all necessary changes to territorial maps.


The Fire Chief of all involved departments shall notify any other departments that these changes may affect. 

Article 9:                                              General Rules


Section 1:

All Departments shall furnish personnel to relieve members of any department so they can attend the funeral of their brother or sister firefighters, when they are asked to do so.


Section 2:

Any Department not having representation at three (3) consecutive Mutual Aid meetings will have a letter sent to that Department and its funding agency, be it Township Trustee, Town Board, City Council, or other official.  The letter is to inform all concerned that the offending department will be dropped from the mailing list of the Association until that department is represented at a regularly scheduled meeting, at which time the department will be reinstated to the mailing list.


Section 3:

Meetings shall be every other month hosted by a Department that is a member of this association.  The host department shall provide a table for the officers of the Association to conduct the business meeting.  The host Department shall be on a rotating basis, with each Department hosting once every two (2) years at a minimum.


Section 4:

Annual Dues to the Association shall be $10.00 per department and shall be paid by the first meeting of each calendar year.  Dues shall be used for training, flowers (in event of death), cards, and stamps.


Section 5:

Nomination of Officers shall be held at the October Mutual Aid meeting.

Offices for nomination shall be


Vice President

Secretary Treasurer



In the event that the President of this organization shall be unable to fulfill his term, the Vice President shall assume the roll as President and the alternate shall fill his/her vacancy for the remainder of his/her term.


Officers shall be voted on at the final Association meeting of each calendar year, which they will serve the following year.  The officers shall consist of three (3) positions and an alternate:  President, Vice-President, and Secretary/Treasurer and an Alternate.  The officers shall be a member of a Department in good standing with the Association.  Each department shall have one vote for each officer.


Section 6:

Before any changes can be made to this pact, they shall be read at two (2) consecutive meetings before voting on any changes.  Mutual Aid SOP’s shall be resigned at the request of Mutual Aid officers or of member departments. 


Grant County Mutual Aid Association

Signatures of voting members and officers



Center Township Fire Department                                                                                           


Fairmount (Town) Fire Department                                                                                          


Fairmount Township Fire Department                                                                          


Gas City Fire Department                                                                                                        


Gas City Rescue Squad                                                                                                           


Green Township Fire Department                                                                                            


Jonesboro Volunteer Fire Department



Marion Fire Department                                                                                                          


Matthews Fire Department                                                                                                      


Mill Township Fire Department                                                                                    


Pleasant Township Fire Department                                                                                         


Swayzee Fire Department                                                                                                        


Upland Fire Department                                                                                                          


Van Buren Fire Department                                                                                                     


Washington Township Fire Department                                                                        


Associate Members


American Red Cross                                                                                                               


Grant County EMA                                                                                                                  


Grant County EMS                                                                                                                   


Grant County Sheriffs Department                                                                                            



President:                                                                                Date:                                       


Vice President:                                                            



Grant County Mutual Aid--Grant County, Indiana